Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Welcome times 1000!

My list of welcomes is becoming a liiittttlle bit long, but I persevere!

Newark Public Library in Newark, NY
South Huntington Public Library in Huntington Station, NY
Worch Memorial Public Library in Versailles, OH
Hampstead Public Library (NH I believe?)
Farman Free Library in Ellington, NY
Henry Waldinger Memorial Library in Valley Stream, NY (Welcome back)
Greece Public Library, Greece, NY
New York Libraries - Take Your Child to the Library Week - wow, I guess NY *is* the city that never sleeps :) Although we hope for the sake of parents, that the children do :) 

A note regarding our official count: Now that the three libraries of New York City (Brooklyn, NYPL, and Queens) are participating with their Take Your Child to the Library Week, along with numerous other library systems in Georgia, Missouri, and elsewhere, to name a few, I can no longer say I have a specific count of libraries, since we have many branches involved. Thus, my official terminology is now "Many more than 300 libraries" - When the surveys come in, I will give you an official number of participating patrons and programs (again, probably we won't catch everyone) and that will have to be the official reckoning. Aren't statistics grand :) Caitlin

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