Survey for Libraries Who Participate in Take Your Child to the Library Day

Each year, we ask participants to fill out a survey for our records. 
For 2015, here are the questions you will be asked.

1. What is the name of your library?
Name: [your library]
City/Town: [your town]

Name of person reporting (you!): [your name]
Email address: [yours - the person filling out the survey] If you provide an email address, we will send you the report showing everyone's collected survey responses. It's really fun to read!

3. Please provide any statistics you took for Take Your Child to the Library Day in February of 2015 (use numbers only or leave the box empty if you don't have a number - do not use commas or spaces):
Library Visits [how many?]
Number of Programs [how many did you have on February 4?]
Program Attendance [how many?]

4. Please tell us what you did, how it went, what you might do next, or any other information you want to share about Take Your Child to the Library Day at your library!
[ANYthing at all you want to tell about the day!]

As you know, libraries love statistics, and we hope to use the information you provide to celebration the role of libraries in a child's life. Plus, we know you'll all want to see what was happening that day!

Please plan to share photographs of your day! Be sure to obtain release forms before uploading. Choose a maximum of 5 to upload. Instructions for login and upload are on the Take Your Child to the Library blog. Thank you for participating!

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