Thursday, December 29, 2011

Take Your Child to the Library Day - Further Instructions

Hi, everyone!

As you head into January and further plans for Take Your Child to the Library Day, we wanted to ask that you plan to keep basic statistics.

We'll have a survey up in February that will ask you:

1. Your Library's Name
2. How many people attended your day (This can be an estimate of how many people were at your programs, in your Children's Space, or in your building. Whatever stat you want to provide, we'll take it).
3. A space for comments where you can tell us what you did that day, how it went, and what you might do next year - basically anything you want to share.
4. Photos: we would love to have some photographs of your day that you feel comfortable  sharing (group shots, performers, etc.)  Further info will be coming on how to  share those photos with us. I would say plan to share your best 5 (or fewer) photos.

As you know, libraries love statistics, and we hope to use the information you provide to celebration the role of libraries in a child's life. Plus, we know you'll all want to see what was happening that day!


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