Friday, December 5, 2014

December updates

Hi, everyone!

Just a few more useful bits of information for all of you. Contact me directly if anything needs explaining. 

For general information about the day, including sample press releases, logo images for use, and promotional materials to purchase, visit 

Registration: This year, we are asking everyone to register as a participant (It's FREE) via our survey. To *bribe you*, I will tell you that everyone who registers will be entered into a prize drawing of about 20 prizes. I have been saving them all year including some great Readalongs from Recorded Books, so please register here for a chance to win one: (Deadline for prize drawing January 20).

Volunteers are always welcome as are sponsors (give prizes or other materials to help out) and supporters (authors, publishers, dignitaries who want to send us a photo, quote or other verbal endorsement for the website). 

Please email me with questions or concerns or ideas at any time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from all of you - caugusta [at] stratfordlibrary [dot] org 

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