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Take Your Child to the Library Day

Nadine Lipman, a children's librarian in Waterford, Connecticut, came up with the idea for Take Your Child to the Library Day and selected the first Saturday in February as the annual day of celebration. The idea gained popularity immediately, and librarians started planning special events, programs, and displays.  February 7, 2015 will be the 4th annual Take Your Child to the Library Day. Won't you join us?

Does my library have to celebrate on the first Saturday in February? Many libraries, for a variety of reasons, choose another day in February, or an entire week, for their celebrations. Our general policy is that any day, or group of days in February can be celebrated as Take Your Child to the Library Day with a carry-over into early March if weather becomes an issue.  The date is your choice. We only ask that you fill out the survey by the end of March at the latest.

Does it cost anything to participate How do I register?
It doesn't cost anything to be part of a child's first (most recent!) visit to the Library or to join Take Your Child to the Library Day. Start a Library card drive, host a performer, run a storytime, offer a craft, or just showcase the wonderful services your Library offers every day of the year.  We can't wait to hear about the creative ideas your Library is cooking up. Registration will be online using a quick form so we can send you updates and count your participation in the grand total!

Connect with Others
Please use this blog for sharing ideas with coworkers and colleagues from around the state and around the country. Our Facebook page (Take-Your-Child-to-the-Library-Day) will serve as a hub for events, information for news sources, government officials, anyone and everyone who plans to Take Their Child to the Library in February. Enjoy!

Do you have sponsors or partnerships with other groups? 
We have partnerships with the American Library Association's Association for Library Services to Children and Read to Grow. We also have a partnership with Demco to provide our promotional materials for sale (we receive a portion of sales). Recorded Books provides audiobook donations for our yearly raffle for participants. In 2014, Bookboard generously donated online subscriptions to all our participating libraries. We appreciate the unique contributions of all our partners and sponsors.

Who Runs "Take Your Child to the Library Day?"
Nadine and Caitlin field day-to-day operations including the blog and the Facebook page. Author/illustrator Nancy Elizabeth Wallace designed our fabulous logo and continues to play an important role in the development of this international event. As you may know, Demco offers posters, bookmarks, bags, and Library card holders with our logo, and we receive a portion of those profits. In order to transact business, Take Your Child to the Library Day became an initiative of the Connecticut Library Consortium in 2012.  We hold an annual steering committee meeting in the spring with the Connecticut Library Consortium, Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, Caitlin Augusta, and Nadine Wallace, at which meeting we decide most of our plans for the coming year. We welcome feedback, suggestions, and offers of sponsorship/volunteer participation from member libraries, state representatives, authors, as well as business and agencies that support the mission of libraries. 

Nadine Lipman, Waterford Public Library
Caitlin Augusta, Stratford Library Association
Take Your Child to the Library Day Co-Chairs

with gratitude to our partners: author/illustrator Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, the Connecticut Library Consortium, and Highsmith/Upstart


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